Profiles in Regeneration: Iqbal Badruddin, 28, Pakistan

Regenerative Futures
2 min readAug 27, 2021


You’re never too late to change the world, just start doing it.

Young people all around the world are working to build a regenerative future. At 28, Iqbal Badruddin is one of those people. He is the founder of Fridays for Future in Pakistan, and quit his conservation job to focus entirely on the climate movement. He strives to equip local communities with enough knowledge about climate change in order to fight the climate crisis.

How are you feeling right now?

Charged up to make a greener future for all.

What’s a secret your search history can tell us about you?

My search history will tell you about how I want to convince people though different ways, who are not ready to believe in Climate Change.

What are you reading/learning about at the moment?

Deep Decarbonization Pathways

Who is your favourite human and why?

Prince Karim Aga Khan because of his work for Humanity and especially vulnerable communities across the Poor regions.

Which key moment inspired you to start your project?

There were a lot but especially the 2010 Pakistan floods.

In 2 years time; what would success with your project look like?

A lot of people will be able to understand the Climate Crisis and will be able to adapt those changes. that will save a lot of lives and the economy.

If you could focus a large percentage of government funding to one industry or project for the next 5–10 years, which you choose and why?

Sustainable Development/Agriculture and Modern Technology.

What is the best and worse thing about the education system in your country?

It’s redundant and outdated, plus too much Religious text and less scientific.

Do you have a message for a person your age living in the year 2040?

You’re never too late to change the world, just start doing it.

What inspires or frightens you most about the future?

Our Inaction to face any crisis frightens me that we wont be able to see our next generation happy & healthy.



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